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Surprises and Shoo-Ins: 38 Global Data Center Markets Ranked

Data Centers, once considered an inflexible asset for global enterprises, are now a cornerstone of the information economy, and $100 billion has poured into the asset class over the past decade, according to Cushman & Wakefield’s global Data Center Market Comparison. This study evaluated 1,162 data centers around the world, utilizing a unique weighted methodology to rank 38 global markets and arrive at an overall top ten. Key emerging data center markets are also identified.

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Cushman & Wakefield’s Q4 2019 U.S. MarketBeat Reports

The U.S. economy ended the year on an optimistic note. Businesses continued to add jobs at a healthy clip. Employment in the key office-using sectors increased by 150,000 jobs in the fourth quarter. Consumer confidence remains high. Wages are rising faster than inflation, yielding extra spending power, reflected in the 18.8% increase in online shopping over the holiday season. The industrial market finished strong absorbing 68.8 msf in the Q4, the most space in a single quarter last year.

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2020 Healthcare Real Estate Investor Outlook

Medical office buildings and other outpatient care settings have been hot commodities in commercial real estate investment for the past several years. Legacy investors are doubling down on the sector, while new investors are competing for the limited product supply. What does that mean for 2020?

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Legal Briefs – A Legal Sector Focused Newsletter

Legal sector change is occurring at lightning speed. Change that used to happen over a decade now transpires in two to three years—and staying ahead of this rapid rate of change is challenging for law firms of all shapes and sizes. Inside this edition of LEGAL BRIEFS, take a deeper look into trends impacting today’s legal sector, written by our very own thought leaders and selected guest experts.

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North American Industrial Preliminary Outlook

The North American industrial market saw a bit of a slowdown in 2019 coming off a banner year in 2018. But what’s in store for 2020-2021? With the continued support of tailwinds like technology, eCommerce, AI, blockchain, and the ongoing tensions with international trade, it is safe to say the next couple years will be anything but boring for the North American industrial market.

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Pop-Ups Report 2019 – Out Now!

2019 was the year that the pop-up store “popped out.” Digital natives going bricks-and-mortar; an explosion of local entrepreneurism; the rise of upstart brands; a new launching pad for global retailers, and so much more—these are all examples of the types of pop-up trends we are seeing in retail.

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