The retail team at Cushman & Wakefield Pacific in Boise is the area’s most experienced retail exclusive team. The team has helped a number of national brands such as Chipotle, Noodles & Co, Dollar Tree, and Grocery Outlet enter the market by handling their strategic roll-outs and establishing multi-year expansion plans. Other national and international brands such as Starbucks, Pizza Hut, Burger King and Applebee’s also seek experienced retail teams to help with site selection and long-term strategy.

National attention has been focused on business growth, expansion and innovation in the northwest in recent years. Nowhere has the spotlight been brighter than on the region’s rising star, Boise. With an ever strengthening economy, one sector of commercial real estate that has a number of national brands taking notice is the retail segment. Downtown Boise experienced 24 new openings in 2015, nine more than the prior year. The trend will continue well into the foreseeable future, five more openings are expected and more are on the horizon. Recognized as one of the best places to live and work due to its educated population and outdoor lifestyle, the area continues to top retailers’ site selection lists. Many progressive, rapidly growing retailers based in major metropolitan areas are looking at Boise as the next hotspot to enter and expand.

Boise has also become an expansion city of choice for many restaurants, which has pushed the market to a new level of maturity and refinement. Because of this, it is of upmost importance to have an exclusive retail site selection team that national brands can rely on. It’s not about the next location. It’s about the long-term strategy, roll-out, and positioning for success.

Boise and surrounding areas have proved to be a target region for retail companies, making it a can’t miss market, and the Cushman & Wakefield Pacific retail team is here to help you take advantage of this growth.


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